The Beauty And The Beats.

*I was always telling  you the truth

Now I know that I better had my mouth closed.


*When you do something right,
no one remembers.
When you do something wrong,
no one forgets.


*  & she falls asleep, dreaming she's in his arms.


*People say that before you die your whole life flashes in front of your eyes.

Make it worth watching.


*Take the long way home with my headphones on, different streets have different songs.


*There are millions of things that I want, but only one thing I really need.


*Love waits for one thing; the right moment.


*We didn't realize we were making memories,

we just thought we were having fun.


*You're stuck in my head like a melody.


*The more her heart breaks, the louder her music plays.


*Now it's you and her I see.

Part 3.              Ot x

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* Some people just know when they need to say I LOVE YOU
  For others is it like a CASINO GAME. 
* Sometimes you just need a ear
  Sometimes you just need a friend
  But sometimes you need nobody, just a place for your own.
* It was great.
  It was our future
  It was...
* Buying a big home with a huge walk-in closet for all your shoes.
  Marry your prince charming
  Having the perfect job
  Keep Keep Dreaming ?
* Flowers are the perfection of the earth.
* Fridaynight. Discolights goes on. 
* Our friendship is like bubblegum, when it sticks together
  it's difficult to make again 2 perfect parts of bubblegum like
  it was before.
Part 2.         Ot x

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Blondie & Clyde.


Blub ik ben een broodje. **

Lilo & Stitch

Hoe maakt u het ? GAMMA.

Snoeischare Verbeke

Biccen Verbeke

HET communicatiemiddel


Allemaal SWEET MEMORIES.. <33



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