* Some people just know when they need to say I LOVE YOU
  For others is it like a CASINO GAME. 
* Sometimes you just need a ear
  Sometimes you just need a friend
  But sometimes you need nobody, just a place for your own.
* It was great.
  It was our future
  It was...
* Buying a big home with a huge walk-in closet for all your shoes.
  Marry your prince charming
  Having the perfect job
  Keep Keep Dreaming ?
* Flowers are the perfection of the earth.
* Fridaynight. Discolights goes on. 
* Our friendship is like bubblegum, when it sticks together
  it's difficult to make again 2 perfect parts of bubblegum like
  it was before.
Part 2.         Ot x

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*A life goes by 
Romantic dreams will stop.
*You just need to hold on.
*It seems like everyone is breaking up but our love 
is just that littlebit stronger.
*It always begins with a simple smile 
and it ends with an unforgettable story.
*We only said good-bye with words.
*This happens way too many times.
*I know it's wrong 
hanging on too long
*and she finally gave up.
*Everything got a end. Everybody know that.
But no one believe it.
*Everyone promise that they will be there
untill someone better comes along.
*Without her Romeo 
she is not really Juliette.
*Sometimes you had to take a step back to see what
is really going on.
*''Ill work my whole life to become a well known actress. 
And then wear big black glasses, to not be recognized'' 
*We used to be
just like twins.
Part 1.       Ot x

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